Competition Team

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         Grace Marhoefer                                  Elijah Allred                                     Killian Horne                                                Max Potter



Matt Hannan; Manager, Math Wizard, Regular Footed. Matthew Hannan is a born and raised native Cocoa Beach skateboarder and has been working at the park since 2005. Matt has worked numerous events as the Head-judge, Tabulator, and MC.

Matt on Instagram @MattfromthePier



Scooter Newell CB Skateboard Company Jack of all Trades except math, Goofy Footed. Scooter is a born and raised natvie Cocoa Beach skateboarder. Scooter started skateboarding in 1974 and was on the original Lake Skateboards Team from 1988-1990. Scooter has announced over a hundred contests and demos since 1999.

Twitter @Sk8Scooter  / Instagram @Sk8Scooter 

Email Scooter here.




Julian Lewis, Sam Rooks, Cory Bolo, Jonathan Morefield, Liam MollicaDylan Durkin

Veteran Crew:

Matt Hannan, Mike Wittman, David Morefield, Scooter Newell, Adam Taylor, Kelly Slater, Bruce Walker, Scott Peters, Eric Super, Dylan Taylor, Lea Taylor

Prospect Crew:

Dominic Allred, Sequoya Backus, Silas Backus