Competition Team

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         Grace Marhoefer                                  Elijah Allred                                     Killian Horne                                                Max Potter



Matt Hannan; Manager, Math Wizard, Regular Footed. Matthew Hannan is a born and raised native Cocoa Beach skateboarder and has been working at the park since 2005. Matt has worked numerous events as the Head-judge, Tabulator, and MC.

Matt on Instagram @MattfromthePier



Scooter Newell CB Skateboard Company Jack of all Trades except math, Goofy Footed. Scooter is a born and raised natvie Cocoa Beach skateboarder. Scooter started skateboarding in 1974 and was on the original Lake Skateboards Team from 1988-1990. Scooter has announced over a hundred contests and demos since 1999.

Twitter @Sk8Scooter  / Instagram @Sk8Scooter 

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Julian Lewis, Sam Rooks, Cory Bolo, Jonathan Morefield, Liam MollicaDylan Durkin

Veteran Crew:

Matt Hannan, Mike Wittman, David Morefield, Scooter Newell, Adam Taylor, Kelly Slater, Bruce Walker, Scott Peters, Eric Super, Dylan Taylor, Lea Taylor

Prospect Crew:

Dominic Allred, Sequoya Backus, Silas Backus


Dylan is a Cocoa Beach original and has been down with our crew for a long time. He usually shreds underground and once in a while enters contests. Dylan was the 2011 Winner of the NKF Surf n Turf Contest, a surf/skate combined contest.


Dylan, FS Tuck-Knee over the hip. Cocoa Beach.


 Photos: Scooter Newell


dd shut

Dylan March 2008 

And Space Shuttle Endeavour

Shout out to Elijah for taking 1st place in the intermediate catagory at Drop In Action Sports Holiday Contest on Dec 15th 2013 in Boca Raton. Also shout out to Max Potter for skating in the Advanced division with the ultra gnardogs. Way to challenge yourself by stepping up! Also shout out to Coery Bolo for representing down south and to Dominic for making it down there. They guys hooked up with the Graffiti Team and hung out all day. Chris Roque won the Advanced and Adam Tyler took 3rd. 

photo 4

E with the goods. 1st place intermediate. 

Elijah is 11 and has been part of the crew for almost 2 years. He recently placed 1st at the Oakley Bowl Contest As well as the "School's Out Contest".

Eli Tail

May 25th 2013

Photo: Chris Spohr 


Elijah Ollie-ing to the "North"

EA North1

Photo: Christopher Shohr











Killian Horne

 killian boneless

3-18-2014 Photo: Scooter Newell



khorne slob

3-15-2014 Photo By Rich Rogers



killian bsboneless

Killian at the "School's Out" contest. B/S Bonless.

Photo: Chris Spohr


Killian Horne: Bonless. 


Photo: Chris Spohr



grace podium

Grace Marhoefer.

Age: 11

Stance: Regular

Years Skating: 4

Sponsors: Lake Skateboards, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Cocoa Beach Skate Park

Favorite Drink: PURPS Fuel


Grace, Melon Air on The Florida Turnpike. (77 miles from CB)

GM billboard



Kona Skate Park, 2015 Bowlriders Cup 2nd Place, Womens.

invert kona


grace bs air 


Photo: Scooter Newell




Ollie at the Ron Jon's Oakley Skate Jam. Beach n Boards 2014.

Photo: Rich Rogers

grace ollie


Grace, Feeble Grind frame grab. Cocoa Beach.

grace feeble


Grace aka "Grace the Ace" sweeper in the corner.

Grace Sweeper

May 25th Photo: Chris Spohr



Photo: Chris Spohr