We hit up Sean and April Slater's Christmas Party after the park closed on Dec 21, 2013. Everyone brought a gift(except me)and they had a crazy santa gift exchange game where you could keep a gift but the next person could take your gift or go with some other gift from a number they picked. It was crazy.

Skateboard legend, Bruce Walker, looks on as the Slaters host their santa game with a room full of friends. 

the crowd

These two guys showed up.


More Legends~!

todd and super'

The food was amazing. The vegetarian chilli was awesome.

Thanks to April for the good food, Sean for the good talks and laughs.

Merry Christmas. Join us for the Skate Park Holiday Party!


 Great Christmas Cookies!

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We set up at the Cocoa Beach Friday Fest for the first time in a few months. People were loving our new Organic Egyptian Cotton Tshirts and hoodies.




 We brought a few boards from our shop and some cruisers.

tent setup



These guys set up the mobile shop and took it all apart when we finished.

We need to buy these guys some lunch or something. Thanks Corey and Max!

photo 1 6


Santa stopped by and said he was ready to skate the park(after Christmas)

photo 4 3


We had to throw down an on-the-spot best trick jam.

Corey Bolo and Grace the Ace went head to head on the side walk Corey kickflipped and full-cabbed the extension cord.

Grace landed a kickflip and bonless fingerflip over the cord.

photo 1 8



Grace flying over the cord while the crowd watches.

photo 2 7


We paused for dinner at the Taco City Truck. Mahi tacos were hitting the spot.

Check out Taco City's website here.



Fife was in the house! Thanks for the great food!



Our friends from Sunseed were a few doors down. Sunseed Natural Food Store is a major part of the Cocoa Beach Snack Bar. They help us to find alternative snacks with no HFCS,GMO,etc. Thanks to the great staff at Sunseed, we serve natural soda, organic snacks, orgainc chips, and alkaline water. Visit Sunseed's website here.

photo 2 6


Coco Janell has some of the best sunscreen on earth as well as a lot of other great products. Check out her products here.

photo 3 6


Grace, Corey and Max chillin'

photo 4 6


See you at the next Friday Fest!

matt at ff


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This little gem was brought to our attention on Dec 20th. The owner helped us remember late 1980's skateboarding with this classic LAKE "Freedom" Model. This board was hand made in Melbourne Florida off of Industrial Road in the Lake Factory. Mark Lake himself would work and oversee production of all his boards. The graphic artwork is from Steve Gaiolini. Steve was an upcoming artist and photographer and took more skate photos in the Beachside Brevard Skate Scene than any other photogapher. We believe he photo copied his hand throwin' up a deuce (peace sign) and stretched the image in some post production photo lab. When Jon Stovall reads this, we will get a legit desctiption of the process involved.

 lake freedom board

The Graphic side. Complete with Santa Cruz "Rip Grip" on the nose, Gullwing Trucks and Bullet 66mm's


lake freedom


Classic "Ripped" griptape job


top screem


Top Screen. Peace.


Lake Skateboards is one of the most important parts of Florida (and beyond) skateboard history. Read an interview with Mark Lake in a recent publication of Coping Block Magazine. Read the full interview here.


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SSlater Surf Tackle in Cocoa Beach

photo 3 4

Sean Slater has opened SSlater Surf Tackle in downtown CB. The Surf Tackle shop has all "tackle"

"(n),equipment used for a specific activity" you will need for surfing, fishing and even for camping. Sean has over 2 decades experience shaping surfboards and he even has a shaping room in the store. Lots of items for the ladies also like bikinis, jewelry, clothing. Plenty of Slater Shop T's and board accessories for the guys. Some clothing for the little ones (inspired by Van Slater) and of course surfboards. The SSlater Shapes are amazing. Sean shapes everything from high performance boards to Florida fishes or SUP's. Sean is also the originator of the "Can Board" You can see one of the Can Boards here. You can even find Cocoa Beach Skate Park Tee shirts on the racks at Sean's shop. Stop by and check it out. Online he is at www.SSlaterSurfTackle.com



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On Friday the 13th, 2013, we had a "listening party" for The Kevin Sutton Show at the skate park. Matt held it down while Scooter drove to Maitland and although the banks were soaked, he still managed to talk with Kevin and Rich on the air. Adam Taylor called in from California and he will become a regular on the show via telephone. They guys talked about Xgames being a strange standard of measurement to those who are not as involved in action sports. Adam by the way has been there and done that, the Silver Medal winner spoke about how much talent is out there that are not featured and how hard the climb is to get in to some of those high profile contests. Also talked about Adam's road to recovery with a recent surgery. He is back on the board and ripping. Thanks to everyone who "listened" on the small time radio at the skate park. It was a lot of fun!

kss sn

Scooter, Rich Rogers and Kevin Sutton at The Kevin Sutton Show on 740 the game.

Check out Kevin and the crew at KevinSuttonShow.com

imagejpeg 0 5

Next time the Solar Bear Game wont take over the iheartradio feed and we won't need to use the boom box! Shout out to 740 The Game!


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NKF Surf n Turf 2014


$40 Entry/Donation to NKF

Surf n Turf Registration Party/Skate Session Friday August 22nd 4-10pm at the CB Skate Park

Skateboarding "Bowl Contest" Prelims and Finals Saturday August 23rd at the CB Skate Park

Surfing Prelims "CB Pier" Sunday Aug 31st

Surfing Finals "CB Pier" Monday Sept, 1st

Overall Awards Monday Sept 1st 4pm at the CB Pier

Lunch Provided at BOTH events for Surf & Turf Competitors

NKF Surf Festival info here