It's Time.


Over the years this ramp has been an over flow haven for skaters that enjoy our wonderful concrete park.

It was initially brought to the park from Adam Taylor’s house. 


It has so much history and it is about to get a new lease on life. The ramp will be closed for renovation starting Sunday the 6th of April.  Pingston Electric has paid for the materials needed to make it better than before. We are stoked that a Brevard business has stepped up to help out the local skate scene. So we would like to extend a huge welcome and thank you to Pingston Electric as our Mini-Ramp sponsor. 


Out of all the beachside rednecks that we know, Kelly Slater was the only one who had a trailer hitch that we could borrow

(take without permission).


Skippy Slater and Scooter Newell went to the 11x world champ’s house in hopes that there would be a hitch useable for out truck since Sean’s was damaged, Skip’s had a different adapter, but Kelly’s was the right one. Stolen. We drove to Tim Payne’s office and were greeted by Tim, Tito, Linda, Keith and the rest of the Team Pain crew. 


We loaded up enough  Ramp Armor to ensure all patchwork would be replaced with new sheets.

More to come…