On Saturday, February 22nd the Cocoa Beach Skate Park sent over a team to the 3rd annual Clash of the Crews at the Skate Park of Tampa. 


The event is a skate shop team event where shops are invited to compete against other shops from all over the Southeastern US. The requirements are that each team has at least 3 skaters with a maximum of 4 per team. If you have a pro skater who is on your shop team, you can have one of those slots filled with the pro. Each team can add a 5th skater if that skater is a team manager/shop owner and is over 30 years old. Each skater gets his or her own score and the top 3 scores from your team will count for your teams score. Our team went with the 5 option.

We had Killian Horne, Max Potter, Elijah Allred, Grace Marhoefer and yours truly as the over 30 guy.  We also were lucky enough to have Liam Mollica come with us last minute as an alternate and photographer. The team skated great-from what I was told. I was skating also, so all I remember between the few mediocre tricks I did was a blur of the others skating fast and crossing paths with me as we navigated the 8,000 square foot indoor park.

The course was fun with little quarter-pipe sections, a few rails, ledges and some stairs. Grace was doing hand-plants and hand-plant reverts on the big quarter pipe, Elijah feebled the handrail, Max frontside-feebled the rail and Killian did a lot of big airs on the quarter pipes and some wall rides.  Of course each of them did more tricks than the above named during the team’s 4 minute jam. Spoiler Alert… We got 21st place out of 24 teams, and I could not be more proud of how we (they) did.

This is a very young competition team without a whole lot of experience skating in the upper amateur/pro divisions. These shops that were invited sent their top skaters to try and really control the results. And they did. The skaters we skated against were amazing. Some were pro skaters from brands like Krooked and AIN aka ALL I NEED. Some of the AM’s were featured in magazines and in skateboard industry videos. It seemed like every team was skating real well in the first round. And the top 8 teams were just putting on a show during the finals.

In the end it was Brevard County local parks in the finals! “The Park” in Melbourne vrs Graffiti Skate Zone in Palm Bay, who are also the defending champions from last year. Both teams skated unbelievable but the judges went with Graffiti once again for the win and they truly earned it. Congrats to Graffiti Skate Zone and The Park for getting the top 2!!!!

OK, so here is where I get super ultra-proud of these skaters that represented Cocoa Beach… We earned an Honorable Mention for the Most Diverse Team. To me, that is like 1st place a thousand times over!!  We had 5 skaters with totally different styles, we had the youngest (Grace, 10) and the oldest (yours truly, 42). We were also the only team with a girl on the roster (Grace).

Cocoa Beach was well represented in the spirit of skateboarding at this contest.  Skateboarding is about having fun and we all had a blast. We went over with only 3 things in mind: skate like ourselves and land some good tricks, don’t get last, and show all the other shops a different kind of team (diversity).


Great job everyone!

Thanks to Tina for driving and Liam for shooting video and pics!