Skate 2 educate 1

The Skate to Educate contest is a competition focused on kids. Kids picked out the divisions, the format and gave input on how they wanted it to run. This contest will benefit the JA of Brevard which will directly benefit our county's JA programs. Come on out Friday Sept 20th at 5pm!

Timed Runs. Entire Skate Park.



9 & under

1st Silas Backus

2nd Dominic Allred

3rd Luke Harrington


1st Elijah Allred

2nd Adam Tyler

3rd Porter Flanery

4th Mathew Curry

5th Sequoya Backus

6th Devin Gingrass

13 & up

1st Max Potter

2nd Ryan Gilbert

3rd Megan Guy

4th Nick Peterpaul

Open Division

1st Killian Horne

2nd Josh Forsberg

3rd Max Pacensa

4th Grace Marhoefer


surf n turf new

Skate Jam/ Fundraiser for National Kidney Foundation of Florida

The Surf & Turf is a competition where "board-riders" will skate against each other in a bowl contest, then surf against each other at the NKF Pro-AM Surf Contest. 

The event is a two-weekend contest. Skateboarding at the Cocoa Beach Skate Park will kick things off with the bowl contest on Aug 24th. The surfing half of the event will be held the following weekend on Sept 1st with the Surf Finals on Sept 2nd.

Points are awarded for each position 1st-Last for both Skate and Surf. The points from both contests will be totaled after the Surf Finals on Sept 2nd at the Cocoa Beach Pier to determine the overall champion. 

This is an open division competition with no age groups.

Surf & Turf entry is $40 with lunch and snacks provided for Surf & Turf Competitors at both contests.

2011 Champion: Dylan Durkin

2012 Champion: Bobo Cogswell

2013 Champion: ?


The Street Contest entry is 15$ and starts at 12noon with the 9 and under division.

This is an all ages event with an Open division for Pro/AM skaters. The Street contest Registration is from now until 12noon on Aug 24th. 

Register for "Street" or "Surf & Turf" at The Cocoa Beach Skate Park.




Surf n Turf 2013 Final Results

Sponsored By Sector 9, Vendetta, Surfinista, Life is Good, Sunseed, Taco City, Papa Vitos, The Beachside Resident, Cocoa Beach Skate Park

Name Hometown Skate Place Surf Place Overall Place
Noah Dovin Cocoa Beach 4 1 1
Josh Forsberg Cocoa Beach 2 7 2
Steven Longmire Cocoa Beach 9 2 3
Stone Denning Apopka 5 4 4
Ryan Gilbert Suntree 8 3 5
Elijah Allred Cocoa Beach 6 5 6
Chyanne Reese Port St. Lucie 7 7 7
Lauren McLean Cocoa Beach 11 6 8
Christina Champagne Port St. Lucie 13 7 9
Christian Frazier Orlando 1 NS 10
Connor Lerian Atlantic Beach 3 NS 11
Bobo Cogswell Cocoa Beach 10 NS 12
Shawn Bowman Cocoa Beach 12 NS 13
Philip Salick Cocoa Beach 14 NS 14


Street Results

 Aug 24th


  NKF Steet Jam Results/ Open Division
1 Conner Askew
2 Dakota Hunt
3 Jonathan Morefield 
4 Chris Noel
5 Tyson Peterson
6 Clint Beswick
7 Nick Noel
8 Max Pacensa
9 Jaime Ceruti
  NKF Steet Jam Results/ Girls Division
1 Megan Guy
2 Emily Headson
1 Chris Hatten 16 & up Winner
  NKF Steet Jam Results/ 13-15 Division
1 Killian Horne
2 Max Potter
3 Mike Post
4 Christoper Kozma
5 Carlos Ramirez
6 Christian Adler
7 Nick Peterpaul
  NKF Steet Jam Results/ 10-12 Division
1 Johnny Reidy
2 Adam Tyler
3 Elijah Allred
4 Sequoya Backus
5 Daniel Martinez
6 Porter Flannery
7 Mathew Curry
  NKF Steet Jam Results/9 & Under 
1 Silas Backus
2 Dominic Allred
3 Alex Loftus
4 Jacob Turner
5 Brandon Delgado
6 Logan Radd
7 Tyler Loftus
8 Roger Arrenby



NKF #SurfnTurf2013 Skate Results


Aug 24th Cocoa Beach Skate Park


"Bowl/Flow Course"


  Name Hometown Sponsors
1 Christian Frazier Orlando Demon Seed, Catalyst, Vendetta, Gullwing, S-One
2 Josh Forsberg Cocoa Beach Alva, DC (flow), Crash Pads, GFL
3 Connor Lerian Atlantic Beach Sunrise Surf Shop, Strata Clothing, SFS, Missions
4 Noah Dovin Cocoa Beach RVCA, Quiet Flight, Sun Bum
5 Stone Denning Apopka  
6 Elijah Allred Cocoa Beach Cocoa Beach Skate Park
7 Chyanne Reese Port St. Lucie Surf Central
8 Ryan Gilbert Suntree  
9 Steven Longmire Cocoa Beach KlassicK
10 Bobo Cogswell Cocoa Beach DSR "Dive Surf Ride", SOLRX Sunscreen
11 Lauren McLean Cocoa Beach Ron Jon's, School of Surf
12 Shawn Bowman Cocoa Beach  
13 Christina Champagne Port St. Lucie Sonic Surf Shop
14 Philip Salick Cocoa Beach

Salick Surfboards




Part 2: Surfing Sept 1st, Finals on Sept 2nd

 Vendors, Contact Us Here.


-The Surf & Turf is a crossover contest where competitors surf and skate against each other. The skateboarding will be in the entire bowl on August 24th. This is an Open division event and will be held over two weekends. Surf will be on Sept 1st and 2nd at the Cocoa Beach Pier.


*The Street Contest is separate from the "Surf & Turf"


Surf & Turf 2013 Contest info here


2012 Champion, Bobo Cogswell.


Photo: Andy Stefanek/staff photographer Hometown News