khorne slob

Killian Horne, 1st Place Open AM. Photo: Rich Rogers


The Oakley Bowl Jam 2014 is in the books. Skaters from all over participated in a free competition presented by Oakley. Everyone walked away with a prize and the top prizes were sunglasses valued at $110, backpacks valued at $95, as well as t-shirts and hats. Element came in as a sponsor and gave out a set of wheels to the kids with the worst wheels (Corey Bolo-bad cones, huge gash). Element also gave out a deck and some tshirts. Big thanks to Matt Hannan, John Milstead, Scott Peters, Richard Hatten and, of course, Dan Hatcher from Graffiti Skate Zone came down to run the music and help out on the mic. The weather was perfect and the sun was shining. Lots of amazing skateboarding happened here today.  Thanks to everyone that came out today to support their favorite skateboarder! Thanks a bunch, Oakley, Element, Ron Jon's, Graffiti, and Pingston Electric.

Extra big shout out to City Commissioner Adrianne Dillon and City Commissioner Skip Williams for joining us at the skate park today!!!

 Photos coming soon.




Oakley/Element Street Jam Results


9 and Under

1st Logan Radd

2nd Cash Watters

3rd Grayson

4th James Roth

5th Kanon King

6th Jeffery Roth

7th Ronny Marino


10-12 Division

1st Josh Forsberg

2nd Elijah Allred

3rd Grace Marhoefer

4th Corey Bolo

5th Grant Harrington

6th George Bellflower

7th Dominic Allred

8th Vincent Ryan


 13 & Up

1st Brandon Starr

2nd Brandon Stevens

3rd Mike Post

4th Axel Gonzales

5th Kevin Schnell

6th Kevin Myers

7th Max Potter



1st Richard Hatten

2nd Tyson Peterson

3rd Chris Hatten

4th Chad Piese

5th Travis Ogden


Oakley Bowl Contest Results

9 & Under 

Name Place
Brandon Delgado 1st
Nash  2nd
Asher Anderson 3rd
Bryce Anderson 4th
Early Boggs 5th
Brody Boggs 6th
Sage Hobbs 7th



Jake Yanko 1st
Elijah Allred 2nd
Grace Marhoefer 3rd
Corey Bolo 4th
Carl Hanson 5th
Jack Anderson 6th
Dominic Allred 7th
Johnny Reidy 8th
Dylan Bolo 9th
Kai Hobbs 10th
Daniel Martinez 11th
Grant Harrington 12th



Adam Tyler 1st
Max Potter 2nd
Meagan Guy 3rd
Colby Demay 4th
Nick Peterpaul 5th
Mike Post 6th


16 & Up

Liam Mollica 1st
Dakota Hunt 2nd
Richard Hatten 3rd
Chris Hatten 4th
Chris Roque 5th

Open Division

Killian Horne 1st    Cocoa Beach Skate Park
Josh Forsberg 2nd   Alva, DC, Elevate, Crash Pads, GFL
Christian Frazier 3rd   Demon Seed, Vendetta, Catalyst
Omar Delgado 4th   NSB OG Crew