Shred Presidents Day presented by the Cocoa Beach Optimist Club is a wrap!

More pics coming soon!


On February 17th 2014, the CB Skate Park hosted the annual “Shred Presidents Day” Contest presented by the Cocoa Beach Optimist Club.  27 kids competed in a standard street contest with 2 one minute runs. Prizes were provided by IVI, Nixon, Surfinista, SSlater Surf Tackle, Kelsey’s Pizza, and the Cocoa Beach Optimist Club.


“Penlight Productions” (our grassroots production crew) plugged in the music at 12 noon and the fun began. We could not have asked for a better day for a skate event of any type. There was no wind and not a cloud for miles and the skateboarding was everything from beginner shredder to top notch insane. Sunseed Co-Op provided a nice spread of healthy snacks for lunch. Oranges, apples, peanut butter and almond butter sandwiches and some drinks. The Optimist Club members were making sandwiches for the kids and spectators.  We gave away Nixon watches worth $200 each and some sunglasses from IVI Eyewear that are priced at $125 each along with decks and other gear provided by the Optimist Club. Thanks to everyone that showed up to skate and to the spectators, see you next year!




Makenzie Cooler

Photo: Cory Snyder



9 & Under

Logan Radd 1st
Makenzie Cooler 2nd


e feeb 

Elijah Allred

Photo: Cory Snyder





Daniel Martinez

Photo: Cory Snyder


10-12 results 


Name J1 J2 J3 Score Place
Elijah Allred 88 86 84 258 1st
Johnny Reidy 81 84 82 247 2nd
Corey Bollinger 69 71 71 211 3rd
Daniel Martinez 68 70 69 207 4th
Grace Marhoefer 64 66 68 198 5th
Jake Galzerano 62 67 66 195 6th
Dominic Allred 64 58 68 190 7th
Charles Hooker 60 64 65 189 8th



Name J1 J2 J3 Score Place
Mike Post 85 87 88 260 1st
Meagan Guy 85 87 84 256 2nd
Adam Tyler 82 88 80 250 3rd
Nick Peterpaul 74 74 72 220 4th
Christian Alder 74 75 70 219 5th
Joshua Caseant 72 71 71 214 6th
Austin Grobe 66 71 68 205 7th
Colby Demay 65 60 68 193 8th



Liam Mollica

Photo: Cory Snyder


16 & Up

Gavin Thopson 1st
Liam Mollica 2nd
Danny Rendon 3rd

c roque 

Chris Roque, 1st Place Open/Sponsored

Photo: Cory Snyder



killian nix

Killian Horne

Photo: Bruno Cicirello


Name Place
Chris Roque 1st
Killian Horne 2nd
Clint Beswick 3rd
Chris Hatten 4th
Max Potter 5th

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